frequently asked questions


Are you Insured?

We sure are! We have full liability and indemnity.

Can we print our pictures?

Of course you can! You receive the full printing and personal sharing rights from us so you’re welcome to print away till your heart’s content.

Should we meet before the wedding?

Meeting in person is always a great idea. Whether we meet before you book with us or nearer to your date - lets get to know each other a bit better! If you want to book us then lets go get a coffee and have a blether. Photographing your wedding is a pretty personal deal so I want to make sure we know each other and are compatible before we spend your big day with you. If a meeting cant be done though - don't fret! Skype calls and super long emails are a great way to get to know each other better too. Plus y'know.. Facebook stalking helps. Don't lie. You do it too!

I bloody hate getting my photo taken. Help?!

Don't worry! Your wedding photos will probably be nothing like you are thinking. There is no cheesy posing, forced smiling and uncomfortableness I swear! Do you smile like Chandler Bing? No biggie. We will guide you through the whole couple session and make you both comfortable in front of the camera. Everything is as natural as possible - those reaction you see in our photos? They are ALL natural! We like to steal you guys away for around 20 - 30 minutes during your wedding day. The best time we have found to do this is straight after the ceremony. This means you guys get to have some time alone and all those feelings are so fresh and wonderful to capture.  We are a sucker for light though so we may ask to steal you both away later on in the day too for some awesome shots in the setting sun.

Do you take family/friend formal shots?

We totally understand that formal photos are important to some folk. Especially grannies! We are happy to do formal shots but we ask if we can keep it to around 8-10 groups. This part of the day takes quite a long time and the last thing we want is to turn your wedding day into a photo shoot and take you away from enjoying everything. Fire those desired group shots onto a list and we can get through them nice and efficiently. 

Can I give you a list of photos I want?

We capture your day naturally. The only list we ask for is for family/friends group shots. A list takes us away from capturing your day as it unfolds so don't worry about it! We got you!

Can we bring along our pets to the shoot?

Uhhh, yes!